What Metals Can Be Recycled by Residents in Detroit?

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One of the most common questions that scrap yards in Detroit are asked about are the types of metals residents can bring to their scrap yard. The answer is quite simple: almost all metals are recyclable!

Of course, this does exclude any radioactive metal such as Uranium, Plutonium, Mercury, etc. But where would a resident get these anyway?

So, if you have any objects lying around your home that contain metal, you can bring them to a scrap yard in Detroit for recycling.

Consumer Metal Waste Recycling in Detroit

When you think of consumer recycling, the first thought that comes to most minds is recycling plastic and cardboard. However, metal waste recycling should also become a common practice in your household.

You don’t have to travel up and down your street to find scrap metal. There are plenty of everyday objects in our homes that contain metal that can be recycled. So, think twice before throwing away any items you no longer use. They could be containing precious recyclable material.

Common ferrous metals that residents recycle are steel, cast iron alloys and basically anything that has iron mixed in with it. Typically, residents recycle items containing these metals such as old water pipes, machine tools, automobile parts, chain fencing and more.

Non-ferrous metals are typically the more common type of metals that residents recycle because they are found in most household items. Non-ferrous metals include brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, etc. These metals make up everyday items such as soda cans, tin cans, jewelry, old tools and electric wiring.

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Residential Benefits of Recycling Metals

The biggest residential benefit of recycling metals, of course, is the payout.

Most scrap yards in Detroit and the surrounding Metro Detroit area will offer you cash on the spot for your scrap metal. For instant gratification for your hard work recycling metal, look for a scrap yard in Detroit with ATMs on the spot!

The environmental benefits of residential recycling:

It is common knowledge that recycling is a good thing! Recycling has a positive impact on the environment that surrounds you. So, recycling your scrap metal also has a benefit to the environment which you live in.

Residential scrap metal recycling contributes to cutting back on the mining of natural resources. Scrap metal recycling has become the most effective way to source metals for manufacturing purposes. When a resident recycles their scrap metal, they are saving energy, time and money that would typically go into harvesting raw materials.

Not to mention it also eliminates the amount of scrap metal material winding up in Detroit and Metro Detroit landfills.

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Executive Summary on Residential Metal Recycling

The United Nations Environment Programme states that the overall metal recycling rate is only around 30 percent. Even though residential scrap metal recycling has increased in the United States, it still is not emphasized as much as common plastic and cardboard recycling. You are benefitting yourself and your local environment by taking the time to sort through, find and turn in any scrap metal you stumble across.

So, what are you waiting for, if you’re a resident in the Detroit or Metro Detroit area, take any old appliances, items, toys or electronics you have lying around your house and bring them to a local Detroit scrap yard.

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