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Is your commercial business, contracting company or home in need of scrap metal recycling services? Maybe you’re an individual trying to get rid of old appliances or vehicles. If you’re in the Pontiac area, call on the help of GT Woodward Metals! We’ll buy scrap metal from you in return for immediate cash! Our experienced team of metal recyclers will help you through the metal recycling process. We aim to provide an environmentally friendly solution for the scrap you need to get rid of. We have served the Oakland County community including schools, small businesses and residents with our premier scrap metal services.

Our clean Pontiac scrap yard can accommodate all sizes and amounts of scrap metal that you’re looking to sell. We even provide various container solutions to help with your metal recycling job. Our secure facility utilizes state certified scales to ensure accurate outcomes when you choose to recycle your scrap metal with GT Woodward Metals.

We Buy All Scrap Metal

Let us take the unused scrap metal off of your hands. We buy scrap metal of all types. We accept all ferrous and all non-ferrous metals for recycling.

Ferrous metals we accept include but are not limited to:

  • Cast Iron: automobile engines, stoves, water pipes,
  • Wrought Iron: barbed wire, fencing, rails, nails, chains, household decor
  • Steel: hammers, tools, gears, hoods and fenders

Non-ferrous metals we accept include but are not limited to:

  • Aluminum: kitchen utensils, cans, car parts, window and door frames
  • Copper: bearings, sheet roofing, electrical wiring
  • Lead: power cables, car batteries, lifting weights

Whatever metals you need to declutter or clear out of your commercial or residential property, bring it by our Pontiac scrap yard to sell for cash! Sell your metal furniture, electric motors, frames, old plumbing pipes, wires, lawn mowers, sinks, appliances and machinery!

Pontiac Scrap Metal Recycling Services

The metal you have lying around your business or home is potential money in your pocket! Let our friendly, knowledgeable team of metal recyclers help you get the most out of your metal recycling experience. We aim to provide you with the most rewarding results when you sell your scrap metal with us. If you require services outside of Oakland County, be sure to visit one of our other two locations in Metro Detroit. Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about the scrap metal recycling services that will best fit your needs!

GT Woodside Metals is conveniently located at 55 Turk St, Pontiac, MI 48341.