Scrap Yards In Detroit

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At GT Scrap, we operate two conveniently located scrap yards in Detroit, Michigan and the Metro Detroit area. We are dedicated to providing residents and commercial businesses with fast, friendly and clean scrap metal recycling services.

Our metal recycling facilities are secure, clean and safe for customers. When you visit, our friendly staff will assist you in unloading all the scrap metal you have.

Some of the common items that we recycle are:

  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Cast iron kitchenware
  • Copper piping
  • Aluminum brass fixtures
  • Auto-parts
  • Structural steel

Learn more about what scrap metal items we take and find out more on how to find, sort and sell scrap metal for cash in the Detroit area.

Sell Scrap Metal for Money in Detroit, Michigan

ATMs on-site for immediate cash returns.

Selling scrap metal is an effective way to rid your home or worksite of any unwanted scrap metal items. When you visit one of our two Detroit scrap yard locations the process is simple:

Selling scrap metal at a GT scrap location is easy, all you need to do is:

  1. Collect any ferrous, non-ferrous or e-waste you wish to recycle.
  2. Bring your items down to one of our two convenient locations.
  3. Pull up to one of our state certified scales with your vehicle full of your metal items.
  4. Unload your scrap metal from your vehicle with the help of our friendly staff.
  5. Drive back onto the scale after everything is unloaded.
  6. Walk into one of our facilities to have your scrap metal prices calculated and receive a print-out receipt.
  7. Take the print-out receipt to one of our on-site ATMs to receive your immediate cash payout.

Your cash payout will be based on the overall weight of your load and the type of scrap metal items you are recycling. We offer competitive prices that are accurate to the current price value for that certain metal.

Premier Detroit Scrap Metal Recycling

At GT Scrap, we specialize in recycling ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal and e-waste.

Scrap metal recycling is an environmentally friendly process that will not only benefit you but the surrounding Detroit area. By just recycling some of the items in your home or office that are made up of valuable metals, you help can cut back on the mining of the natural resources that are used in everyday manufacturing, production and construction.

The scrap metal recycling services we provide in Detroit, MI:

  • Scrap Metal Recycling for Commercial Businesses:
  • We can provide your Detroit business or project with commercial scrap recycling services. We take all industrial scrap materials and can provide you with cash on the spot. Other forms of payment are available.

  • Detroit Residential Scrap Metal Recycling:
  • We have customer friendly scrap yards in Detroit. We provide safe environments for residents to recycle any scrap metal they have.

  • Detroit Container Services:
  • Container services for when you want to keep your work-site organized and clean. We drop off and pick up your container for you.

Contact One of Our Metro Detroit Locations Today

For more information on our scrap metal recycling services in Detroit, contact us today at (248) 543-2500. For all your scrap metal recycling needs in Detroit, go with the trusted experts at GT Scrap. We are conveniently located in Hazel Park and Chesterfield. Come on down today and receive immediate cash for your scrap metal.