Scrap Yards In Mount Clemens

recycling magnet picking up scrap

At GT Scrap we have a convenient eastside scrap yard near Mount Clemens. We are dedicated to providing metal recycling solutions for Mount Clemens customers and commercial businesses. We offer fast, friendly and beneficial scrap metal recycling services.

Our two Metro Detroit scrap yard recycling centers are kept at the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Visit one of our two convenient local scrap yards near Mount Clemens today.

Sell Scrap Metal For Cash In Mount Clemens

Make immediate cash at one of our Metro Detroit scrap yard locations.

Most households and commercial business have at least some type of scrap metal lying around. Whether it is the copper wire found in common household electronics or old stainless steel appliances, there are plenty of items that can be turned from scrap into cash.

How to make money recycling basic metals at a GT Scrap location:

  1. Collect and sort any scrap metal you wish to recycle.
  2. Haul your scrap items down to one of our two Metro Detroit metal scrap yards.
  3. Pull your loaded truck up onto our state certified scale.
  4. Unload your vehicle with the help of our friendly staff.
  5. Pull back up onto the scale to receive an unloaded weight.
  6. Walk into one of our facilities to have your scrap metal prices calculated and receive a print-out receipt.
  7. Bring your printed receipt to our on-site ATM to receive an immediate cash payment.

We offer competitive prices that are accurate with the current value of that scrap metal. Your cash payment will reflect your overall weight and the type of metal you have recycled.

Mount Clemens Metal Recycling Facilities

GT Scrap has the capabilities for recycling a variety of different types of metals.

The metal recycling services we provide in Mount Clemens, MI:

  • Mount Clemens Consumer Recycling:
  • If you’re a resident in Mount Clemens with metal to sell, bring your items to one of our two locations. Our metal recycling facilities are a safe environment and resident friendly.

  • Metal Recycling for Mount Clemens Businesses:
  • We offer metal recycling services for any commercial business or project in Mount Clemens that has excess scrap lying around their office or work space. Bring your excess material down to one of our metal yards and receive cash on the spot. We take everything from plumbing fixtures to copper piping. Other forms of payment are available.

  • Mount Clemens Scrap Container Services:
  • We can provide the perfect solution for keeping your workspace clean. Our scrap containers are available for rent. We drop off and pick up your container once it is full.

Visit One of Our Metro Detroit Locations Today

There are valuable metals in your home or business that you can recycle today! Bring your scrap material to one of our Metro Detroit locations and receive cash on spot.

For any questions about the scrap metal recycling services we offer to customers in Mount Clemens, contact us today by filling out our online form. To speak directly with one of our scrap recycling experts call us at (248) 543-2500.