Scrap Metal Buyers in Metro Detroit

Clutter can sometimes sneak up on you. By the time you recognize how much has actually piled up, getting rid of it might seem like a huge undertaking. This is where GT Scrap comes in. We can help you get a leg up on your organization process by purchasing the unwanted scrap metal you want to part ways with. When you visit our scrap yards, you are sure to get the most competitive current scrap metal prices on your items. Competitive pricing is something we are proud of. Offering these rates allows our metal scrap yards to be the best in metro Detroit.

Our three scrap yards located in Chesterfield, Hazel Park and Pontiac give us the unique ability offer our services to the surrounding metro Detroit area. Our scrap recycling centers are clean and free of excess debris and staffed with individuals willing to assist you upon arrival. We work in accordance with all regulations and have accurate state certified weight scales. The service you receive at our scrap yards is what sets us apart from the rest.

Metro Detroit Scrap Metal Recycling

old pipes and jointsAt GT Scrap, we offer a wide variety of services. Our scrap recycling center handles commercial, residential and municipal metal recycling. The recycling facility also accepts a wide range of products. Three primary categories we deal with are ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and electronic scrap. Ferrous metals are those containing iron and have little resistance to corrosion and rusting. Non-ferrous metals are the opposite. They are metals or alloys that have no trace amounts of iron. They lack magnetism and are malleable making them useful in multiple industries. Electronic scrap includes most metallic components found in computers and other electronic devices. Scrap metals that we buy includes but are not limited to the following:

Ferrous Scrap MetalsInclude:

  • Iron Scrap Metals
  • Steel Scrap Metals
  • Most Industrial Scrap Metals
  • Most Scrap Metals from Old Machinery

Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals Include:

  • Non-Iron Scrap Metals
  • Scrap Metals from Electronic Motors
  • Scrap Metals from Batteries
  • Many Automotive Scrap Metals

Electronic Scrap Metals Include:

  • Scrap Metals from Computers & Servers
  • Scrap Metals from Cell Phones & Tablets
  • Scrap Metals from Printers, Scanners & Copiers

Scrap Metal Policies

rack of scraped car rimsAnyone can bring traditional scrap or e-scrap to our scrapyards and leave with money in their pocket. You just need to provide us with a valid ID, like a driver’s license. Scrap metals are abundant in today’s society. Chances are you run into at least one of the three categories we handle every day. While buying scrap is our specialty, we do not accept stolen items. Also, we will not accept ferrous metals and appliances containing dangerous refrigerant chemicals like chlorofluorocarbon. CFCs are toxic to both humans and the environment and must safely be disposed of before arriving at our scrap recycling center. If you have more questions about our metal scrap yard operations or about what metals we accept, contact us at (586) 949-2475 or stop by one of our Metro Detroit scrap yards today.