How to Find the Best Electronic Scrap Yards Near Me in Metro Detroit

As new consumer electronics are released daily, we find ourselves constantly upgrading our old devices. But what do you do with all your old electronics? Instead of throwing them away, learn how to make money scrapping computers, cell phones, tablets, computer towers and other electronic products. Electronic Recycling Detroit, MI In a quick overview, electronic […]

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What is E-Waste?

So, you’re wondering what exactly is e-waste? E-waste (electronic waste) refers to any electronic product nearing the end of its “useful life.” E-waste refers to products like your BlackBerry phone that’s been sitting in your junk drawer for 6 years while you use your new iPhone. The term refers to any old electronics such as, […]

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Reusing Scrap Metal

Scrap metal is virtually everywhere. From automobiles, to buildings and electronics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals are abundant and widely used. With such large amounts of scrap metals readily available, gathering items for scrap metal recycling can help free up space and put some extra cash in your pocket. But, before you go running around and […]

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