What is E-Waste?


So, you’re wondering what exactly is e-waste? E-waste (electronic waste) refers to any electronic product nearing the end of its “useful life.” E-waste refers to products like your BlackBerry phone that’s been sitting in your junk drawer for 6 years while you use your new iPhone. The term refers to any old electronics such as, hard drives, tablets, computers, copy machines, etc.

These used electronics can be salvaged and recycled for other purposes. There is value in these old electronics. Many of the cell phones and other electronics we throw away contain precious metals like silver and gold. Unless you’re an expert on the proper way of recycling electronics, you probably won’t be able to obtain the materials. However, local Metro Detroit scrap yards are more than willing to pay you top dollar for old electronics, so they can recycle and dispose them safely.

E-Waste and the Environment


When you turn in your old electronics you’re not just benefitting yourself. E-waste has a negative effect on our environment. If professionals don’t dispose of these products properly the toxic material can effect our air, water and land.

Most electronics contain toxic metals. If harvested or burned improperly, the electronics can release toxins into the air causing harm to our atmosphere.

Now most cases people don’t even bother to take their e-waste to scrap yards. Not only are these people missing out on earning cold hard cash, but the result will be electronics ending up in our landfills. Even though landfills are for trash and items we no longer use, the electronics we dispose of can lead to issues in our soil and water.

Metro Detroit has plenty of landfills that are filling up quickly. They are already contaminated with a lot of electronics. What most people don’t know is that over time the toxic materials from our electronics can seep into our groundwater. Groundwater eventually runs to larger bodies of water. The toxic material can cause harm to plant and water life.

Even out of the Metro Detroit area people should be recycling their e-waste. Looking at third-world countries, if there is a surplus of used electronics filling landfills the toxins will do the same thing. This can result in contaminated water and effecting everyone who still gets water from a natural spring. The effects of e-waste can be detrimental to our environment and should be recycled properly.

Recycling E Waste


There a plenty benefits of e waste recycling that not only benefit you, but our environment and economy. From an environmental stand point recycling the electronic waste preserves our natural resources. The material found in many of our old electronics can be recycled. Metals found in e-waste are 40%-50% more precious and richer than the metals mined.

If we focused our attention on recycling as opposed to mining raw materials, we would see a decrease in air pollution and a decrease in water contamination. The reduction of harmful emissions from greenhouse gases will result in a pollution free environment.

Apart from the environment, e-waste recycling will continue to create jobs in the Metro Detroit area. The more importance we put on the proper disposal of old electronics, the greater the demand will be for professional recyclers. This in turn will create a larger market for recycled material.

Scrap yards in Metro Detroit know the importance of recycling e-waste. The advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages of e-waste. There are plenty of professional companies available that will properly dispose and recycle your old electronics. Most of them will also give you cash in return for your products. Before you throw away any old electronics, think first about recycling your e-waste. Not only will you be helping the environment and economy, you will also be earning cash for products you will never use again.

Metro Detroit recyclers are proud to know they are helping our economy and environment by offering e-waste recycling. Scrap yards will happily take your old electronics in exchange for cash! Metro Detroit has many professionals who have the expertise to properly recycle and dispose of all electronics.