How to Find the Best Electronic Scrap Yards Near Me in Metro Detroit

how to find electronic scrap yards near me

As new consumer electronics are released daily, we find ourselves constantly upgrading our old devices. But what do you do with all your old electronics? Instead of throwing them away, learn how to make money scrapping computers, cell phones, tablets, computer towers and other electronic products.

Electronic Recycling Detroit, MI

In a quick overview, electronic recycling is the ideal method for disposing of your old electronics. Professional electronic scrap buyers can harvest precious metals found inside your devices and recycle them for future use.

In Metro Detroit, electronic recycling is beneficial to the local community and environment. Because of electronic recycling centers, less e-waste is accumulated in landfills, minimizing the harm done to our environment. Plus, as an added bonus, Metro Detroit electronic scrap yards will pay top dollar for all your electronic waste.

How to Make Money Recycling Electronics

money made from selling scrap electronics

The metals found in your electronic devices are valuable, and electronic buyers can take them off your hand in return for cash. Collecting your old electronics is a great way to make some extra money while at the same time helping the environment.

It is worth noting, before turning your electronics in for money, wipe them clean of any personal information stored within. This can include your gaming console, broken iPhones, broken tablet or broken laptop. Just because the device is broken doesn’t mean that the information can’t be removed.

Where to Sell Electronic Scrap in Metro Detroit

Today, you have a variety of options for selling your electronic scrap. Retailers and websites like have trade-in programs that allow you to turn old electronics in and receive cash in return. Some public places now even have kiosks that will take your old electronic devices on the spot.

However, these recycling options don’t offer you the highest return value. If you want to sell electronic scrap, your best option is to go to a local electronic scrap recycling center. Smart electronic buyers know the true worth of your devices and will offer you a higher competitive price.

Electronic scrap metal yards are also your best option if you have older or large electronics. Common options for recycling electronics typically don’t include models over five years old or that are in poor condition. At scrap recycling centers, age and size don’t matter. These facilities will buy e-scrap regardless of the condition or age of the device. Just because the device is old or beat up doesn’t mean the metal inside isn’t valuable.

Finding the Best Electronic Scrap Yards Near Me

old scrap phones and cords

So, how do you find the best electronic scrap yard that will give you the most cash for your computer scrap and other electronic devices? Well, it’s quite simple:

  • Locating Electronic Recycling Centers: Use online tools (like Google) or Metro Detroit directory websites to find local electronic scrap yards in your area. The iScrap App is also a popular mobile app that can give you directions to nearby electronic recycling centers.
  • Electronic Scrap Yard Reputation: Take some time to look into the electronic scrap yards you’re considering. Looking at reviews or testimonials from other customers will give you an idea of what location will give you the best experience. A positive reputation is a good sign that the location you are considering is professional and will pay top dollar for your e-waste.
  • Electronic Scrap Prices: Electronic scrap yards can set their own price for e-waste. The best option before choosing an electronic scrap yard is to do your own research on current national price averages for the metals found inside your electronics. That way you can make your decision based on the price the scrap yard is offering.

Electronic Scrap Prices in Detroit

inside of a computer tower with scrap metal

Even though there are plenty of locations that buy e-scrap, you should know how much your electronic devices are worth. Check the average value for the metal that is found in your devices. Below is an e-scrap recycling price list, so you can get an idea for what to expect when turning in any electronics.

Electronic scrap prices are the determining factor for finding the best electronic recycling center near you. Below are common types of electronic scrap and their typical worth:

  • Clean Green Motherboards: Contain more gold then non-green motherboards, making them more valuable.
  • Non-Green Motherboards: Less then half the worth of a clean green motherboard but still have a higher return value than most other e-scrap.
  • Memory Chips: Contains gold, silver, copper, aluminum and tin. Memory chips have the highest return value above all other electronic waste.
  • Laptops: Contains a variety of different metals. The value will be based on the total amount of precious metals. Return value will vary.
  • Hard drives: Contains cobalt, aluminum, platinum, palladium and aluminum. Since they are typically part of the computer, you will receive a smaller return than that of a laptop or computer.
  • Servers: You will receive the least amount for servers because of their lack in valuable precious metals like gold and silver.

The electronic waste price list changes daily. Once you find the right scrap yard, the best practice to ensure you get the most value for your electronic waste is to continuously check the national average prices. This will help you determine when the best time is to sell your electronic devices.